Friday, July 24, 2009

FYP - Final Year Pain (whoops...Project)

After all these years of education, i finally understand the meaning of "there's no such thing as 'honeymoon' year !!!" not even in my final year...Every year is important...if you play the fool, it will definitely come back to haunt you (like its doing to me right now!!)

The final year project (FYP) was supposed to be the climax of all my studying. i was supposed to apply all or some of the things that i have learned over these 3 years through some serious experimenting with some serious stuff. Underline learned over these 3 years...

is it just me or is there really a 'multiplex amplification refractory mutation system Polymerase chain reaction' in the syllabus..i know i skipped a lot of classes, but how could i have missed something with a name like that??

And really Mr Zhou might be somebody amazing who discovered some amazing things and must have written an amazing journal about it, but its not that amazing when you're searching through the million of journals written by a million Mr Zhous. Surely it doesnt take rocket science to figure out that are many many many Chinese people who share the same surname? like Lee Yu Zhao, Lee Wen Pei, Lee Ker Chuon, Lee Chong Wei, Lee Wan Wah, Bruce Lee etc etc..

And of course HPLC is a common practice...if we were allowed to do it in classes!! but seems that we are magically supposed to have the knowledge of running machines worth about 100k and figure out how not to screw it up..

so basically, final year project? final year pain? i dont see the difference and i dont really care. there are a few pro's to my topic though..
1. No rats involved
2. No mice involved
3. No rabbits involved
4. ...
in short i dont work with any living organisms..yippie-I-oh!! hahahahahaha (evil laugh)... so i get to go back weekends and i dont have to have my heart jumping out of my ribcage each time i have to feed or change bedding (my heartfelt condolences to those who have to...) and i wont have the death of hundreds of animals on my concience so i get to sleep peacefully at night without lab animals haunting me..

its a long year ahead...a very long year indeed...and what a year it will be..i can only imagine...(and its not a pretty picture!! haihz..)