Monday, November 2, 2009

AAR - Awesome, A**-kicking ,Rocking!! (31/10)

Last Saturday was my first ever concert! Never thought I would say it was quite the trauma! but yet i loved it!! The loud music, the insane crowd, the long wait for the bands to set up, even the squashing when you had to get in ( Although i almost thought that i would have died if i had any more carbon dioxide and any less oxygen..) But was all worth it! every drop of craziness..

I have come to realise several things about concerts..which I would hereby try and explain...

Firstly, the crowd was...indescribably..indescribable. It was like walking into a whole new universe...I have never seen so many different kinds of people in the same place at the same time..there were witches (hope it was just skin deep and not any deeper..), wizards (again..make-up n dress only i hope..), strippers ( less material more skin, all the rage..I couldnt understand the motivation though, were they there to SEE or to be SEEN?? Why do you pull up your tshirts? If you really dared, why not wear it that way from home??), kids (she must have been 9 at the most, and she already gets to go for a concert!! and i have to wait till i am 23..syeesh!) , parents (who probably didnt trust their kids..but seeing their kids, they had a good reason not to..), freaks, geeks and fashionistas..there was something for everyone!

The show started 'on-time', exactly 1 hour later than scheduled (so very Malaysian..) with local bands Disagree, Pop Shuvit and One Buck Short. The local acts were pretty good, actually they were quite awesome (contrary to popular belief..) Disagree even had a brass/school band thing and even malay traditional music for their songs..During intervals between one band and another, freebies were given away by natalie and ean of They threw it to the crowd, in front of me (natalie's lack of upper arm strength..ugh) or behind me (ean's excess upper arm strength..) but never reaching me (sad!)..After the local acts were done and the crowd was fired up for All American Rejects, we had to (unfortunately) wait for them to set up (and we waited and we waited and we waited and we..well you get the idea..). But it was worth the wait though..Tyson Ritter( lead singer of AAR is quite a piece of work! (Really..) he was somewhere between weird and...weirder! For those who didnt like AAR music, at least they had something to watch..

Actually, I think i would have really enjoyed the show if some things didnt happen though..One of them being this over-excited, over-energetic, over-...just over-everything boy who just kept jumping (not the problem..) and landing on my foot (obviously a problem..) for about 4 times resulting in a swollen toe the next day and scrapped, split skin..I mean hey, i get the enthusiasm and all but practice landing on the GROUND before you take up flying will you..geez!! But i guess, I loved that guy more compared to another one..a very interesting character..since he reminded me of someone I know..

Now this guy came with his girlfriend (no comments on her looks..) and I bet just about a thousand other people would have done the same but then, this guy must not have realised that since he practically acted like a 'human barricade' to keep other people (and i mean boys AND girls..) from touching her. This i found to be quite disconcerting since there was barely room to BREATHE! and here he was trying to 'make' space so his girlfriend will not come into contact with anyone's skin other than his...Syeesh! if you're that insecure, just get tape the show and watch it at home or better still just get the CD!! Why come to concerts (practically free ones at that) knowing that the place is going to be teeming with people and torture others and yourself as well??? He was the most selfish, weird guy that i have met and would hope never to meet again.Period.

There was also another character, more like a story i neither made my day nor made it worse..its actually irrelevant to my feelings about the concert but worth the mention I think..there was this boy there who's girlfriend must have come later and couldnt find her way to him (not surprising since he asked her to look for a red balloon and there was only about a gazillion red balloons there..boys and directions!), so when he actually found her he kept banging her about it until she sulked..For a while I thought, "geez, such a pity that they were pretty miserable when everyone else was having so much fun..they would probably regret it later that they missed the show, if I was her, I would have ignored him, enjoyed the show first and deal with him later..." but i guess my thoughts were short-lived, a moment later she was all over him..maybe she thought, the fun was too much to miss or she decided that loud music and horrible crowds and red balloons wasn't enough to break her relationship or...well I dunno..and I couldnt find out anyway since she had to..'leave early' (not that I would have asked her even if she stayed..) hmm...

A lot of things changed for me that night, my views on the world and what have the younger generation come to this ideas and feelings on certain things..and well lot of other mentionable and unmentionable things..But one thing for sure, I truly enjoyed my first ever concert ( and hopefully not the last one although currently i am not raring to go for another one any time soon..just too traumatic!)..

Now I just need one more thing to make my social life complete..go clubbing! (when will that day come, I wonder...)

P/S: I really do thank the person who took me for this have made a difference in my life in more ways than one)... :)

So long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu..