Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kelz in Kay-eL...

tis week has been the funnest week ever (for the moment, ratings change evry few week depending on memory power)..i had a weekend with my cousins and bro n was even mo special coz my long lost cousin (he ws lost for abt 5 yrs) found us in facebook (of al places..) n came over 2 c us..

a bit about kelz..kelvin philip is 20 ( bt doesnt act like it wic is not surprising..sinc my sis n othr 20 yr-old cousin rarely act their age s well..they hv a mentality of a 5 yr-old)..he conditions, blow-dries and waxes his hair (n wen he 4gets he becomes a naruto look-alike)..n has t singaporean (he's from JB) habit of stealing water from Malaysians (us) sinc he nevr gets his own cup of water when he's eating..n he grew up wanting 2 b an astronaut bt ended up doing medicine in moscow (??!!) ..

SO anyway he came over this week n v spent our tym..eating n talking n eating n talking..n v never realised that v r al so old now..(like really old!!) my bro is married n i actually get along with him now (n i dont hide his LEGO pieces when he fights with me..m mature now), vijen's done studying (for now) n ravin are finishing nxt yr..vero is working n suren unfortunately has 2 mo yrs to go n kelz hs 5 yrs mo in moscow b4 he gets 2 rly wear a white coat..

Wow..time just runs so seemed lk yesterday that we were spending holidays in each other's houses playing card games like 'bluff' and 'SAKAI'..n ravin running around naked around the block n we couldnt care less that 'super ring' had lots of MSG n soft drinks had loads of sugar n colourings..we just had fun and whacked everything..

How fast time flies, one day we are all just little kids who's biggest problems were how many presents we're getting for christmas or if we are going to spend holidays together and fighting over who lost the UNO stacko piece.. (it's always vero..) and me and ravin winning at 'sakai' (we never cheated..but evryone alwez WRONGLY accused us of it..) and the next day we are adults with grades and graduation to worry about (especially me since i skipped Finishing School) and girlfriends and boyfriend (or lack of it..hehe..) troubles..and some are married..

All those things that we had years to enjoy and cherish but we didnt coz we wanted to grow up faster and then when you look back, you regret coz you took all those things for granted but you cant do much now so you just go on..and then, one day, when you meet up like this that you realise all those things (and ppl) you miss but you never thought much about until they are staring at your face..

i learnt something this weekend..i learnt that i love my family immensely!! n i wouldnt exchange them for anything in the world!! (not even new shoes..hehe..kidding)..Am so happy that kelz came this was the famous 6 +1 week..just like the old times..except we are..hmm..older..

My Penang Trip..

Ahhh...the penang trip..wel u c..the penang trip is a very very very loooooong story..coz we (purshyla, jj n me) have been actually planing tis trip since 3 sems ago..since the end of my 2nd yr..but every time something (mtm camps) or the other (purshyla's EPC camp) will come up n we would end up having 2 postpone the plan..Finally jj got tired n stopped inviting this year, we 'resurrected' the plan again but than jj had to cancel it coz jj had hungry rats to feed during her holidays..

But suddenly, one day, somebody got infected wit H1N1 n so UPM was closed 4 a we decided to share our good fortune with the penangites and carry the virus there by bus..hehe..went there on july 29th on the 10.30am bus..the best way to explain my trip would be like the following:

the moment we reached,
at abt 5pm - mee kuah ketam at mainland
dinner at northam beach cafe - loads of food..
2nd dinner - loads of food again..

next day,
breakfast - Hokkien (prawn) mee
lunch - char koay teow with teh beng and lor bak
post lunch - cendol, abc, egg tart
pre-tea - tau sa piah, free chocolate at the chocolate boutique
tea - laksa
dinner -tambun fish n crab (wic tore my finger) lots of it..
supper - lots of ice n f&n with vodka flavored orange drink

last day,
breakfast - pancakes
lunch - prawn kari n sweet sour fish n baked prawns n fried fish n sugar cane drink..

in short, the whole trip ws all about food and more food and more food...okay i have to admit the food in penang was rly great minus the 'lala' n the siput tht dom ordered..especially the oli's mum took us to on the las day (giant prawns!!)

n i also found out tht olivia hs a built-in gps system..but it ne guides her towards food.. =P she practically knew evry food plc in penang..

i saw the sleeping buddha bt didnt have time 2 c the kek lok si..tsk tsk..all in all..i truly njoyed my trip there although before i went i really wasnt interested in going..i was irritated n cranky n sleepy most of t thn i had my fingers crushed by the big door of oli's naza ria n it reminded me of al t thgs tht i shud b happy for..luckily it gt better (or i'd go crazy if i hd 2 MSN or sms wit ne 1 hand)..

tnx 4 putting up wit me ppl...

dom n oli,
predith (despite me jumpin on t bed evry morn 2 wake him...hahahaha),
jj n purshyla
percival hu prayed 4 the H1N1 ppl - sorry 4 laughing (but it ws dom's fault) =D

Lots of Stuff..

Seriously, i have a lot of stuff 2 write about..wic i have been meaning 2 start writing like a long time ago but kept saying 'later'..coz just 2 lazy..n the exams n the fyp..haihz..but anyways..i'l just do it today..coz m already forgetting half t stuff i 1 2 ryt about n i dun tink i'l ever gt t tym 2 ryt n most importantly rite nw i only have 2 choices, study cyto for 2mro's exam or spend tym blogging..i rather do the latter..